Mjødgård Shelf mead (35cl)

  • kr 99.95 DKK

Mjød from Mjødgård - Shelf Meat of 15%

The familiar summer scent of shelf flower, and a good full flavor.
The aftertaste is long, with a solid base of light bitter substances.
The sweetness is at the lower end. Serve ice-cooled as an aperitif, or steaming hot by small mugs. Enjoy the shelf cold with e.g. vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

These are the brewer's selections when offering a welcome aperitif, a cold drink in the summer heat or as a substitute for Christmas liquor.

Ingredients: Water, Danish honey, shelf flower, yeast. Guiding. 15% alcohol

This moth is also available in 75cl (Click Here)

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